Our Purpose

We design and create positive opportunities and solutions that build a strong business.

At Knott Group we see this through the following core areas that underpin everything we do, ensuring each experience is a personal service tailored to your needs:

  • Creating We provide holistic financial and business support creating a strong financial future for your business and personal wealth
  • Understanding We believe in going with you on the journey, we listen, we care and we design solutions with you, tailored to your needs and business vision
  • Educating We are passionate about educating you in all areas of business, creating efficiencies, achieving goals and guiding you in the day-to-day.

How we work

We believe in a personal discreet service where we firstly sit down and understand your business, where you are now, the challenges and areas that need attention.

Then we will work with you to map out how we can help including financial and business advisory support.

Our Background

Knott Group started out in 1974 when Graeme Knott opened the doors to the business. From this time we have grown, changed names and developed into a thriving and diverse team now run by son Jason Knott.

Graeme Knott started with a passion, dedication and care for clients as well as mentoring and developing the team around him. This same passion is within the business today creating positive opportunities for our clients.

Our Values

  • Professional and Excellence
  • Ethical
  • Communication
  • Authenticity