Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the paperwork, finances and compliance of running an aged care facility?

Whilst we are not working in your business we do understand, with some of our team having hands-on experience in operations/management of Aged Care facilities and home care.

We understand the industry is complex and ever changing needing people to support you to navigate the day-to-day operations.

At Knott Group we guide and help you to coming alongside in core areas such as:

  • Budgets and cash flow management and assess your current operations
  • Strategy planning and advice for your Aged Care facility
  • Managing the bed mix of occupancy and costs so you can operate successfully
  • Help with Aged Care audits
  • Assist with your monthly reporting, management and administrative processes
  • Taxation support and compliance specifically for the Aged Care industry
  • Help you create opportunities in your Aged Cared business
  • Helping and supporting start-up Aged Care facilities
  • Alleviate risk with strategy planning¬†

Our role is to give you more time to focus on the business and caring for the elderly helping you plan ahead and be in control of your financial operations.

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Nurse caring for elderly person