Knott Group currently works with a variety of clients from various industries such as retail, manufacturing, legal, hospitality, consulting, aged care/health and many more.

We have highlighted some of the specialist industries below:

Building and Construction

Feeling like the industry is changing rapidly and trying to keep up with everything? 

With clients in the building and construction industry we understand there is a lot to do from client deadlines, suppliers, OHS as well as staff and subcontractors.

At Knott Group we come alongside to help you navigate the various areas identifying some core areas where we can support.

Funeral Services

When it comes to funeral home services, we understand the industry is rapidly changing with more expectations for personalized service and the addition of technological advancements.

This in mind, Knott Group is able to assist in business development and financial planning to cater for these needs in this competitive industry.

Childcare Operators

At Knott Group, we understand that the childcare industry can be specific in terms of following strict regulations, budgeting and remaining competitive.

With its main source of revenue coming from the government and other stakeholders, we understand how to manage your cash flow and expenditure as well as the specific taxation requirements of the industry.

Dental & Health

We work with a variety of health and dental practitioners helping them enhance their practice performance and achieve financial and lifestyle goals.

This includes helping you build your dental or health practice, maximise opportunities and guide you in the comprehensive financing needs in a dental practice.