The time to complete a business plan is now

At Knott Group, we don’t just see business plans as a hundred-page document that will never get read.

We believe that they should be an easily understood and accessible one-page business plan that will become your trusted roadmap.

An effective business plan shouldn’t waste your time developing it. It should be simple and direct, expressing the core values and objectives so that you can get on with succeeding in your industry.

Knott Group business planning session includes:

  • 4-hour session to assist in the creation of your business plan.
  • Review actual performance against targets that benefit you.
  • Set realistic business goals and define strategies towards achieving them.
  • Define a clear vision and outline your organisational values and objectives.
  • 90-day action plan to address any immediate or potential issues.
  • Support with any estate or succession planning.

Creating a business plan will give you clarity in the direction you want to take your business. Outlining goals, timeframes, expectations and potential challenges will provide tool for success for your business.

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