Needing a strong, caring and knowledgeable accounting team to support your business?

Having time to look after your customers, manage operations and plan for the future can be difficult to juggle. Rather than have the expense of an in-house team, outsourcing some or all of the accounting work to Knott Group eases your concerns and allows you to focus on those profit-making activities.

Our well-seasoned team of bright and talented professionals can carry out the tasks that take up your time, both mentally and physically. These often include both fixed time and specific financial statement and deadline-based tasks, such as:

  • Preparation and delivery of Profit and Loss Accounts, and Balance Sheet statements
  • Ensuring all corporate compliance situations are dealt with
  • Dealing with accounts received and payable
  • General ledger, billing and payroll activities
  • Budgeting monitoring & planning
  • Assisting with preparation for sale of business

Email at or call our office for more information and to speak with one of the team.