Supporting you with a professional audit

As well as being a vital part of the accounting practices of any small to medium sized enterprise, our experienced Knott Group team also look to offer added value when conducting any audit activities.

We will examine ways to improve company performance by:

  • Delivering more effective management information
  • Strengthening and streamlining your control procedures
  • Highlighting any potential problem areas in governance procedures
  • Assisting with risk assessment and minimisation
  • Undertaking relevant grant audits

We deliver audits in three key areas:

  • Internal audits – Reviewing key areas and operations such as IT, Finance and corporate governance
  • External audits – Helping with regulatory compliance and meeting accounting standards and best practice. We use our expertise to provide an independent perspective for your business
  • Due Diligence – assessing any potential purchases to check asset ownership and protection, undisclosed liabilities, legal disputes and tax history

Email at or call our office for more information and to speak with one of the team.